♪sung iz fukked up in the head bai hateoryx♪
★Abt dis mary sue★

Female (she/her)

2 August

Sprinklez iz a stoopid marysue dat lovez 2 have fun w/ her budz!!! She luvz 2 bring positivity 2 her fwendz! She sumetimez overeact and can b verri dramatic into verii smol stuff (wut do u think it iz,shez a marysue!!!!!)

She luvz 2 fly in deh skiez,searching rainbowz! So yeah, if u see a kitty wif rainbow den u know who iz it xp! Btw shez is verri friendly wif everyone so if u wanna b her fwend,GO AHEADDD!!<3

Sprinklez iz also verri juvenile,she haz childish way of talking and she doez a lotta of spelling mistakez when she talkz x]]]]]

When she is sad (serious /srs), Sprinklez can turn grey ( which was her original fur color) and she can be very depressed at the moment. And it also takes A LOT of timez 4

At least dat she iz stupid, she iz also very strong ad can kill everybody n haz strong power!!!!!!!! N Sprinklez iz originally wingless so if deh wingz aren't here itz normal!!!

Sprinklez luvz 2 cosplay as Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie cuz she lovez MLP lolz!!!! Her official costume is the Rainbow Dash costume.

★Design evolutions★

★Design updatez★

26/11/2022- Hearts appeared on her legs.

19/11/2022- Her gradient are available now even they are optional.

24/10/2022- Her choker changed with a green heart pendant.

24/09/2022- Mary sue outfit is up.

23/09/2022- Wings became optional

25/08/2022-The star on her back is removed

7/08/2022- Her fluff on her chest is moar big n FLUFFIIIIIIII!!!

4/08/2022- Removed her cute symbols on her ears.

3/08/2022- Sprinklez's eyez turned blue and the star on her back is removed

2/08/2022- Sprinklez's furst appearance!!! She was supposed 2 b a joke character and to not be used as a oc.

Since she iz verri friendly, Sprinklez iz fwend wif everyoneeeeee (at least wif deh less evil one XD)!

She iz bestie wif Hana n Nebula!Btw dey r a trio, dey r called "sparkel peepz", mai fav trio eva,luv em, xoxo!!!!

She iz also Draco's big sister, he iz so cold and mean wif her, but she triez 2 have deh saem relationship when he waz a baby,but alwayz fail :c.

Sprinklez iz also sorta "frenemy" wif Lola (since Lola can b mean n aggresive wif her,but dw,dey r moar fwendz dan ennemiez) n she has a sorta HUGE crush on her (itz also reciprocal on Lola's side!) ,LOVE SO POWERFUL OMFG ♡♡♡♡♡.But, for deh tiem being, they aren't girlfriendz,for now 👀....


But Sprinklez haz also (kinda) ennemies!

She iz enemy wif Floofy n Devil Mametchi.
Floofy don't liek Sprinklez cuz he finds her weird and hyperactive! N Devil Mametchi finds her so annoying and call her sometimes a "thing that shouldn't exist" But their son, Charmyy, really likes Sprinklez, but don't show as much to not dissapointing his parents. So, he is kinda distant with Sprinklez.

★Backstory (kinda??)★

Sprinklez iz born bai a momma who iz an angel n bai dad a evil ass demon.
But when she waz a smol baby, oh god, she didn't look wut she looked,,,, she WAZ GREY AT HER BIRTH, and she waz never habbi, not even a bit.

2 weekz after she was born, her lil' bro Draco (who waz a girl since he is now transmasc) was born. Itz waz such a surprise since he iz kinda unplanned.She feelz less lonely, yes, but, she is still unhappy again, same for Draco. But for Draco, his sister waz liek his confident soooo dey started 2 be close siblingz, and Sprinklez waz a bit happy.

But one deyh, when dey started 2 get older, she knewz dat der something wrong, cuz he waz distant with everyone even with her beloved big sister. Who hurts Sprinklez so baddd.... with Draco, and one he said to his sister that he is actually a boy and not a girl. Sprinklez wasn't shocked at at all, she was very comprehensive and helped him a lot Like 2 maek ppl respect his pronouns (who waz he/him and ain't she/her anymore) and when dey get adooltz? Draco fully transitioned since he is now able too, and came see his sister and he says how much he loves her and he will never forgets that. And since Sprinklez is a sensitive ass, she cried, she waz so happy she litterally changed colors of her fur and hair,, (SO THE SPRINKLEZ WE ALL NOW),, he fur became pink and her became rainbow. That's the first time she became happy.

And now, she became to be less pessimistic and she is now what we all knows :p

★(NOT SO)fun factz★

★ She waz created since I was bored as shit during mai vacation in Ghana ^___^!

★ She waz a joke character b4!

☆ She is small,but taller than Lola (but not so tall XD)!!

★ She has hyperactivity X] (ADHDic babehhhhh)

★ She has (not often) lazy eyez :3!

☆ She is also a sorta 3D character !!
★Sprinklez's nicknamez★

★ Sprinkie
★ Sis'
★Outfit + versionz★
Sprinkie Pie
Sprinklez as Pinkie Pie omg realllll XDDDDDDD,, she rlly luvz Pinkie Pie so she is sometimes cosplaying Pinkie Pie
Mary sue
HER FAV OUTFIT!!She is also one of her main outfit ^_^!!
Vampy/ demonic version of Sprinklez, I mean,,, she is the daughter of a demon, XDDD!!
Sprinklez, but when she iz sad, she also has a lot of suicidal thoughts and she is so depressing.. :(
She was created the 2 of August of 2022
Itz been 11 months....XD