Sung iz Bunny Party Nightcore!!!!!!
Abt dis kyooteh
Ageless Male (he/him)Demon/Tamagotchi
His bday iz deh 22th of April!

Charmyy (or Charmz) iz a heart warmed demon, he always loves and care for people.
But the problem is that demon are supposed to be mean,who is all Charmz opposite. That's why Devil Mametchi (his father) don't like because of his kindness ;[.....

Btw dis dude fluffing love My Melody 4 random reason! And he has a lot of sanrio plushies XD!!! Plus, he likes to wears some lolita stuff and also gothic lolita stuff, and he loves to cosplay as My Melody~ <3


He has a lotta of friends (coming from his parents ) like the evil gotchi twins, Draco, Hana (who is Floofy's bestie) and Lola who is like his sister for him. He became best friends with Draco since they have the same age. And he crushes on him so hard XDDD

But Charmyy has an sorta evil side (because he is a demon,logic!!),he is obssesed and have an affective dependance..

When he crush on someone,he act flirty and possessive at the same time, and when he is with someone,he is very violent and can kill someone when he is to lovely.(YANDERE BEHAVIOUR OMG)

To know that he is obessesed,it's easy lol,he has smol n red hearts eyes and he is blushing like neverrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!And still accompagned with a love letter.
BUT,if the crush on question broke his heart,then he gonna get black broken heart on his eyes and try he's gonna be more possessive and VERY mean,even he gonna try to kill the person in question that hurted his feeling so bad.

I said that because he has a crush on Draco (his bestie that don't very care about him) and he his way obsessed and sticky with him...Draco noticed it,but he say nothing (cuz he don't care lol).
But their relationship started to be weird cuz Charmz starts to be soooooooooo creepy with Draco and sometimes he don't even lives alone and following him (omg).
Draco sometimes show that he is litterally not interested. Even that Draco is violent with him SOMETIMES,Charmz loves him and still try to seduce him..


31/03/2023-Added crosses on his legz so he could inherit another stuff from Floofeh!
22/11/2022-Added a bow on his tail + those fishnets glovez xp!
2/10/2022-Removed deh eye on his face!(BAHAHAHHAHA BRO)
1/10/2022-I added an eye on his face (right side)!
29/09/2022-Adult form is appeard,he lost deh eye on his belly but heartz are added on his ears!!
24/05/2022-His first appearance!!!!hez a smol babyyy btw his naem was Sprinkles (Sprinklez didn't existed when I naem him like dat)!

When Charmz was born, Floofy and Devil Mametchi are very happy since he looks more than Devil Mametchi than Floofy (who looks less evil and more cute.)
But when he started to grow up and not to be M E A N and E V I L (and so FEMININE), Devil Mametchi started to hate him and to be ashamed of him...always telling him that he is such a disgrace to all the demons on earth..

Btw lil fact : the silly gem on Charmyy's collar was given by Floofy when he was a smol babeh!!
Floofy still like his son, no matter what.He still be in pure adoration with him and also teachs him how to use a gun (litterally one of the most important thing 2 learn 2 his child u_u)
That's why we see more him (grow up version) with Floofy and him (when he was a baby/child) with Devil Mametchi.

Le nicknamez list

♡ Charmz
♡ Charm
♡ Charmeyyyyyyy (XD)
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