Sung iz getting crunk bai hateoryx (((prod. irlshitbih)))

Berii|She/they|15yo|29/01/2008|Bi|French|Black||Scene-emo n gangsta

Howdy!I'm Berii!!N I am an sparkel dawg artist n HTML coder (das why I update a lotta on mai Neocities ^^')!!!!!! I love deh 2000s sooo much n I want dat scene stuffz come baek!! Idgaf if I am cringe or mai aert iz gae, I just wanna have fun :3!

Btw I am such a kik00 soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo don't mind mai cringey way of talking lol plz ty mwahhhh
I am non-binary going by she/her and they/them pronouns!!!And I am bisexual!LGBT fureva!!Btw I am not a furry, I AM A SPARKLEDAWGGGG :DDD!!!
I am verri verri shy IRL but in deh Internet I am so cringeh yet habbi!!!!x3333 I am scene since mai 13 yo uz scene stuff r da definition of supa crunckeh k00l stuff <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 I don't want 2 b an aesthetic in particulary..I WANT 2 BE A LOTTA OF AESTHETICZZZ!I am scene , emo and RAINBOWWWWI still watch MLP n idgaf I luv MLP (DEH G4 EDGSVFRHESDGBRHSDJHJJHJH)so muchhh bc ALL DEH PONEHZ slayyy x3 (sorry mom! <3)

I started it at 7th grade, it was normally a 9th grade thingy but our kewl ass teacher showed us how 2 do HTML so yeah, I did it in sk00l! But I develloped it in mai house bc of SpaceHey! ( I stopped using deez app :/) and I learned bc of W3school!!And I discovered geocities websitez!!I was HEAVILY fan of it, they are so aesthetic !!!!But I discovered that geocities iz closed...:c So I founded sum altz, and then I found deh savior. . . Neocities!!!
I founded a lotta of kewl ass websitez n dey rlly inspired me ^^, so I decided 2 do mine ^___^!!! Layoutz changed a lotta bc b4 it waz so ugly liek deh navigation bar was huge n vertical XDDD!!
Mai PC was also hard glitchin so imagine deh lotta of updatez I have 2 do :0!!!
Btw I will never ever think dat I will finish dis site bc of deh amountz of changementz,n I don't don't want 2 finish,CODING SO FUNNIIII <3 <3 <3!!!!!
Yesh, I'm ain't pretty at all, sorreh ;_____;

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